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Mindsai on Bandcamp and Music Video

29th March 2024

MINDSAI is my 10th release and I really am so proud of it. It is also the second release in a trilogy of tracks that shine a light on mental health issues that are all too commonplace today. The ‘Genetic Disorder’ series started with YOKAI, which more broadly looks at the inner demons that people face, in a world that was not built for them.

With MINDSAI, I wanted to explore the misunderstood, difficult and often unpredictable life that Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) creates.


Dance in Blood on New Years Eve

30th December 2023

Two words. This slaps. I hope you like my final release of 2023. It's my homage to the opening sequence of Blade and It's available on Bandcamp now, on streamers on NYE and at midnight the offical music video premiers on YouTube

Thanks to everyone for your support in 2023... and here's to 2024. 

Read the review!

27th September 2023

Huge thanks to Karl Magi for reviewing Moonlight Skydrive. He said "Sub Neon’s Moonlight Skydrive combines dynamism with many richly interlocking synth sounds as it evolves."

Read the full review here!  

Moonlight Skydrive OUT NOW!

22nd September 2023

This is quite simply my best work to date and I really hope you like it. Check it out on Spotify, Bandcamp if you REALLY like it and also check out the post below to join the watch party on Retrosynth Record's Youtube Channel 

Moonlight Skydrive Official Music Video!

21st September 2023

My first ever self-produced music video drops at 7pm BST / 2pm EST tomorrow. Hit the link in the image and then smack that notification button to get a reminder for the premiere! 

Thanks so much for your support!

Presave Moonlight Skydrive

7th September 2023

Single number 9 is just around the corner and I'm so proud of this one. It drops on all platforms on the 22nd and I can't wait for you to hear it. It's a definitely ME when it comes to the sonics - the growliest bass and IMHO, the best melodic progression I have produced to date! CLICK HERE to presave! 

New Single | Thunder Heart

27th July 2023

My first release with Retrosynth is out now! 

This track measn so much to me and I can't wait to share it with you. 

Check out the release announcement for more details! If you like it, I'd really appreciate your support on Bandcamp! 

Darklight music video

8th June 2023

Check out the fantastic Cyberpunk 2077 themed music video that the awesome team at Retrosynth put together. The VHS effects are there for reasons but I'#m super happy with the way it came out! 

Signed to Retrosynth Records

26th May 2023

I'm really pleased to announce that I've joined the RetroSynth Records line up!

A fantastic independant label with some amazing artists! There's plenty of exciting news to come! Watch this space and check out the Retrosynth youtube to see some of the amazing talent! Talent like Zak Vortex, Chris Keya and Beckett!! 

Check out the Retrosynth Announcement for more details! There's SO much more to come! Watch this space! 

Darklight is out now

30th April 2023

Number 6 is out! I'm thrilled with Darklight and it's now live on all platforms. Click on Listen now to jump straight there! I've provided a short write up on meaning behind Darklight and you can read it here. I also wanted to thank the ever talented Aisle 9 for once again crafting a first rate master! Also there are a number of awesome producers that  have helped to advise or encourage in this production. 

Thank you to Neon Highway, Chill Collins, Thalrex, Pashang and Russell Nash - check out this video of to find ther links and to see what they think of Darklight!

Thanks in advance for listening! 

Yōkai out now

31st March 2023

Number 5 is out now!  Click here to learn more about this release, what it means to me and the issues it looks to confront. Also check out the launch trailer - I'm erally proud of how this has turned out. Thank you to everyone that has given it a listen! 

Yōkai is about anxiety and self image. It’s also about how society treats people who are struggling with their mental health.

We, as a species, can be too quick to judge. Or too slow to reach out. Yōkai is my attempt to describe the emotions and the monsters that are created in this void of communication.

But the reality is this. There are very few monsters among us.Apart from the ones we create for ourselves.  And there is always, always, hope.

Yōkai is for you, my little angel. I love you x ❤️

Presave link for Yōkai now up

28th March 2023

Well I made it, with the help of my friends! Click here for the presave link to my lates single, Yōkai. Releasing on the 31st on streaming sites! Huge thanks to Neon Highway, Pashang, Marc Matthews, Thalrex,  Typherion.exe, and the mastering wizardry of Aisle 9! 

Thanks in advance for listening! 

Teaser Alert | Single #6 'Darklight' first 90 seconds

22nd March 2023

If the stars align and I can glue together the middle section of this sucker, I hope to release Darklight in April. 

It's a really ambitious track and has stretched my capabilities but I'm really proud of where it's going! I hope you like it too!  SN

New single Yōkai, releasing 31st March

21st March 2023

Release number five has been a battle, due to its complexity and its subject matter. Mastered by a very talented producer, I am very excited to share this next release with you. I will share a presave link as soon as possible and keep watching social media for the pre-launch video series. 

There is a story that needs to be told with this. SN

Glow kickstarts new release schedule

3rd February 2023

I've set myself a challenge to release a new track every month this year (Let's not talk about January). and this kicks off with Glow! This is probably the most synthwave track I have ever produced and I hope you like it. 

I'm particularly proud of the drums! SN

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