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I started making music when I was a kid. I got my first guitar and nearly sent my parents over the edge with a permanent backdrop of 12 bar blues.

I've been the singer and songwriter in a variety of bands, spanning grunge and nu metal. I've also previously explored electronic music, working with loops and samples. 

But then I stopped. 

I stopped to focus on my career.  And I lost a part of myself for a long time. 

...and now 

Only recently did I realise just how much of a mistake it was, to turn off such a big part of my life.  

So I decided to change that. I've invested in a small studio set up, powered by Ableton, an amazing community of indepedent artists... and FAR too many plug ins! 

I now have years of pent up creativity that I need to get out!  

Sorry not sorry!

The smallest studio in the world


Sub Neon is my creative outlet. And it's about what happens in the shadows of the neon lights. 

 A fusion of dark and light. 

I want to tell the stories and uncomfortable truths that reside just below the surface of the nostalgic dreamscape. And there's a lot to tell. 

I hope you choose to stick around and follow me. I appreciate every single like, play and comment. 

Take a listen and I hope you enjoy!